charity List

KY Crochet Mission Volunteer Group- No wool please and no cotton! We need crochet/knit stoma covers, 6x6, 7x9, 12x12 squares. We need red/white/blue, pastels, any color squares including grannies, crochet headbands and flowers to embelish, finger puppet, and crochet toys.

Heartmadeblessings - squares 12x12, 6x6. No wool, cotton, or boucle. No black. True white/red/blue for Operation Purple Heart, pastels for Bearghans. 

Project Linus- afghans 36x36, and 40x60. No wool please. 

Binky Patrol- any size afghans, needed 12-18 boys colors. No wool please.

Care Wear- 36x36x, 24x2x4 blankets, 

Warm Up America- 7x9 squares

Knit a Square- previous charity

New Vision Missionary Baptist Church- Haiti orphans

Local Health Dpts- finger puppets

More to add soon.......