Once you create an item and give it to an individual or organization, you have joined. However, if you would like to receive free patterns, monthly challenges, free give a ways, and newsletters then use the form above to join. It is FREE!

Please refer to the Charity List that is included in the KY Crochet Mission Volunteer Group website. We are already assisting the charities that are listed. For your convenience, the charitys' name and address, the name of a staff liaison person, and the list of items that charity wishes to receive are all compiled on the charity list. You may send items directly to one of the participating charities, or to us, or you may contact a hospital/charity in your own community. If you do please contact us and let us know how many you are giving to which location. Use the form at the bottom of this page.

Yarn that may be washed in hot water with harsh detergents and disinfectants should be used for KY Crochet Mission projects. We recommend acrylic yarns, baby soft yarns, and cotton for washcloths. Feel free to use our monthly theme challenge list found on the website. For KY Crochet Mission Volunteer Group please,
do not use wool since several of us are allergic to wool. However, if you send directly to the charity its self then follow their guidelines.

You might want to use KY Crochet Mission Group patterns page on the website. We use specific patterns on some items.

Include your name and address on the
mailing form to KY Crochet Mission Group Volunteers. Do not worry about labels. We will put those on. It is recommended that you package completed items in plastic bags in order to ensure freshness and cleanliness of each item. Do not add potpourri, sachet, or any fragrances. Do not use fabric softeners, if you wash completed items. Be sure 1 item in each bag. If you wish to print out the labels then you can use Care Wears labels.

Keep in touch by reading the KY Crochet Mission Group Volunteers' newsletter found on the website. If you are unable to open and/or print the newsletter because it is a large document, contact KY Crochet Mission Group on the website contact page.

Be sure to remember that every charity that we distribute too has their own guidelines. Please, make sure you check out there websites. We can use just about anything crochet, and knitted. Please send all items either to us or to the charity of your choice.

KY Crochet Mission Volunteer Group

900 Gabbardtown Rd. Berea, KY 40403 

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